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When you’re serving meat for dinner to your family or dinner guests, you want it to be the highest quality meat and the freshest it can be. We at Fussell Meats LLC understand that, and that’s why we offer fresh high quality meat in Arcadia, FL to every customer who walks through our doors.

We are always working to earn your patronage and your loyalty, so in addition to offering fresh meat of the highest quality, we provide great service and fast service so that every purchasing experience at Fussell Meats is both pleasant and satisfying, in terms of getting exactly what you want. You can also count on quality work from our highly trained professional butchers, who provide all the standard cuts of meat, and are also happy to do any kind of custom meat-cutting you have in mind.

Whatever kind of fresh meats you need for upcoming meals, you’ll find it here at Fussell Meats – we always have on hand a great supply of chicken, pork, goat, lamb, turkey, and savory beef, freshly prepared so that your meal preparations always start out with the best meats. We want you to know that we appreciate your business, and that’s why we provide such great meats, carved expertly and packaged ready to cook right out of the wrapper. We’d also like you to tell your friends about our great service and our great meat products, because we’re always looking to expand our family of friends and loyal customers. There may be other retail meat outlets in Arcadia, FL, and some of them may offer pretty good meats. Some of them may even offer decent customer service, but we believe that the combination of finest fresh meats and the fastest, friendliest customer service can only be found here at Fussell Meats

​Your family deserves the best cuts of meat at their meals, and the place where you’ll find them is at Fussell Meats.

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