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Here at Fussell Meats LLC, we offer the best selection of retail meat in Arcadia, FL, and we couple that with the best customer service for all our loyal returning customers.

Because we strive to make this your one-stop shop for all meat purchases, we offer a very nice selection of all different kinds of meats, including steak, roasts, ground beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goat, and even a few more exotic different types of meat that may not normally be on the menu.

No matter what you buy at Fussell Meats, you can count on purchasing quality meats, and you can count on it being ready to cook right out of the wrapper. If you don’t see what you want in our display case, we encourage you to ask our friendly staff about it, and if you need to have custom butchering for any of your meats, we’ll be happy to do that for you. We also offer marinated meat, seasoned to perfection and guaranteed to provide a mouth-watering taste treat when you cook it up at home. Our business at Fussell Meats LLC is a locally owned and operated one, and we feel a strong sense of community with all the loyal customers who patronize our shop.

That’s why we’re there every day, serving you to the best of our abilities.  We also work constantly to set ourselves apart from any other meat retailer in Arcadia, FL by providing fast and friendly customer service, and ensuring that that you get exactly the meats you want, cut just the way you want them.

There may be other butcher shops in Arcadia, FL, but we aim to distinguish ourselves from the others by guaranteeing that all our meats are quality meats, and that they’re all expertly carved by well-qualified professional butchers.

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